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Mining For A Silver Lining

Mining For A Silver Lining

We aim to connect people and show how Aspen has such a vast network of positive people in the world. This project shares how unique individuals are creatively coping with the effects of the coronavirus and the good advice they have to inspire others.

“Leading with positivity and connecting people in an authentic way is key right now.” – Lea Tucker


Jordie Karlinski


1. Location: Aspen


2. Connection to Aspen: Grew up here!


3. Age: 30


4. Occupation: Former Professional Athlete; Real Estate Broker at Compass


5. Coping in Corona? I aim to get outside once a day, whether that’s for a run, skin, walk, or to fly fish. The river and fly fishing has been really soothing for me. I concentrate so much on the moment and watching my flies that it helps me forget about the current events. When I leave the river I feel so refreshed and recharged and a sense that it will all be OK. My goal while on lockdown is to learn how to tie flies! I’m really excited to learn and have a new hobby that doesn’t involve technology. I also made the decision to cut out caffeine to help keep my anxiety levels low and sleep well at night.


6. Helping others? By complying with shelter in place! I think the best thing to do to help our community and its members is to make sure we are vigilant about sanitizing (keeping hands clean and not touching our faces), as well as following the mandate to shelter in place and obey social distancing. Also, staying in constant communication with our loved ones and friends.

7. What good can come out of this period? A greater appreciation for human connection, new ideas and philosophies, and I think that many people are getting very creative right now with all aspects of their life. I think creativity is a wonderful thing and can bring on a sense of problem-solving, purpose, accomplishment, and self expression.