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The Closing Gift That Gives Back

After growing up in Snowmass Village, Jordie spent years traveling the world as a professional snowboarder. When it was time to retire, there was no question where she would end up. Jordie’s commitment to the Roaring Fork community is evident in her thoughtfully chosen philanthropic closing gifts in honor of her clients.

The Roaring Fork Valley is special in part because of the many wonderful non-profit organizations that benefit the community. Jordie has experienced this firsthand, as her own life was profoundly changed by the non-profit ski and snowboard club. This rich philanthropic culture, and the services it provides, is part of what attracts many people to live here.

For every closing, Jordie makes a donation to a carefully selected non-profit based on her clients’ interests and passions. An avid fly-fisherman may see a gift made in their honor to the Roaring Fork Conservancy, while a lover of classical music could see a gift in their honor to the Aspen Music Festival and School. These gifts are an important part of the way Jordie does business, and she sees these honoring gifts as a meaningful way to welcome her clients into the community.

Local Non-Profits That Have Been Supported:

  • Mountain Rescue Aspen
  • Pathfinders
  • Aspen Chapel Art Gallery
  • Teddy Karlinski Memorial Golf & Snowboard Scholarship Funds
  • Aspen Animal Shelter
  • Independence Pass Foundations
  • Roaring Fork Conservancy

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